Where are all the Leaders

When you look at the world around you it is easy to think ” Where are all the Leaders? “. What happened to the men who is suppose to stand up and fight for what is right in our country, our communities and our homes? I look at the death and destruction in our beautiful South Africa and I can only cry out to God to wake the men up.

This week with the kidnapping of a little girl in South Africa was one of those wake up calls for the men in South Africa (and across the world). Are we going to stand by and watch the devil destroy the beauty that God has given us or are we going to fight back?

Evil prospers when good men does nothing

I believe that this is the time for us as men of God to stand up, stand together and call upon God for the restoration of our country, our people and our family values.

It is easy to drift away from God. He is the Source of everything and we need to focus our attention on His Leadership. The leaders of our country has to turn back to God.

What can I do as a Leader in my sphere of influence

Each one of us is a leader in our own right. Each one of us has a sphere of influence where we can make a difference. Whether it is in your home, at your business, at you workplace or even on the street. When we start acting as if we believe what God says, the world will be in a much better place.

I would like to call on you as a man of God to start focusing your attention on what God has in store. Start acting and take the actions that is in line with the Word of God. Let us fight evil together. Let us stand up for what is right. Use your position that God has given you to influence the people around you.

We are the protectors of our loved ones and the ones around us. Start protecting that which you love. It is not too late to start and build a new life for the next generation. Don’t let them look back 50 years from now and say: “Where were the leaders of the time?”

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