Where to Start if you want to Blog for a living

Why do you do what you are doing?

Blogging or making a living online can sometimes take a really long time, but on the other hand it also depends on how committed you are. Are you going to do it full time or part time and how is your work ethics? These are all questions that you have to answer before you can answer the question of “How long will it take?

I look at building a Blog or a Business Online as building a property on the Internet. Every article you write, every post you make and every picture you post is a brick in the wall of your building. You can decide whether you will stop halfway, or are you going to finish the building. How tall must the building be and what do want to add to it. If you realize that every word you contribute to your blog is actually adding money to your pocket, you might be choosing your words better.

But why are you Blogging and what is your reason behind it? I often catch my self thinking… “Man, I love what I am doing“. If that is not your attitude then you are on the wrong track. If you don’t love what you are doing then the difficult times (and there will be) will be very difficult, and you might want to quit.

Blogging for Fun

Blogging should be fun and enjoyable. This brings me to the point that you have to choose the Topic of your blog very well.

I have always loved teaching people to succeed online and  choosing another topic for my blogs are really very difficult.

What should I Blog About?

Once you have chosen your Topic and you know which Niche Market you are targeting, it is time to give some thought about what you will say to your Audience. There are many ways to come up with topics, but the one way that works best for beginners is to make a list of the 100 things that you would ask if you are interested in the topic you are writing about.

This one hundred topics is easy to come up with if you are really interested in your topic, and most probably it is going to be just as easy to answer them, research them and write article about them. Your basic article (or Posts) should be at least a 1000 words and should be interesting to your audience. From time to time you can research and do an anchor article that is between 5000 and 10 000 words.

It is however important that you know what you want to tell your audience to create lots of content, and still keep it interesting.


Set up Your WordPress Website

Once you know what you want to write about, it is time to set up the  website and install WordPress. In the Online Business Masterclass I help students with this, because for many people the technical setup is a huge mountain to get past.

It is not that difficult and with most things in life, it is just a matter of applying your mind to it. Getting a good understanding of the software you use, will help you in doing this faster and better. The more skilled you become in operating these systems, the easier you will be able to create content. In the end, it is the content that will be the main driver behind your entire Business Model.

It is however very important that you will learn how to register a domain, set up your hosting, install WordPress, add plugins and work with a page builder like Elementor.

These skills are basic skills if you want to be a successful blogger as you will continuously be updating and changing your website. 

How to Install WordPress

Which Type of Online Business to choose

There are various types of Online Businesses to choose from and you should choose what you like to do

I have multiple online businesses and like to do different things. Here is a list of a couple ideas that you could choose from.

  • Affiliate Website
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Sales – Affiliate Site
  • e-Commerce
  • Membership Website
  • Training Website
  • Content Affiliate Website

This is by no means a complete list and the different types of websites that you can build is huge.

There are thousands of Niche Markets to choose from and this makes the opportunity of business types endless. By doing a good Analysis of Opportunities, will also create an overview to you of which areas you think will work better for you.


The Basic Structure of an Affiliate Marketing Business

When you create a Blogging Platform with the purpose of doing Affiliate Marketing there are basically 5 key steps to follow:

Step 1
Select a Niche Market that you feel comfortable with and that you would like to know more about. This must be your interest.

Step 2
Find a Product or a range of Products that will be attractive to this Niche Market. If you can find high value and repeated income offers, so much better.

Step 3
Create a Website with valuable content around the product and niche market. Affiliate Website can be centered around products and product reviews or around valuable content. It takes longer and more effort to create valuable content, but in the long long run it will be worth your while

Step 4 
Promote your website on Social Media Platforms and increase your Search Engine Optimization. Set up Google Analytics to track your progress and to track visitors to your website. Insights into this information will help you develop your business even more, and to manage the creation of future content. You may also want to promote your business with Paid Advertising Campaigns via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Step 5
Develop your own Products to sell online

Network with fellow Business Builders

I find that you learn how to build an Online Business the fastest and most effective by forming part of a Network Group. I offer a Online Business Masterclass where a group of us gets together once a week and discuss issues that can help everyone succeed in there online ventures.

There are many ways to build an Online Business, and interacting with other people will most probably make you see new opportunities and how to improve on what you are doing allready.


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